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A lesson learned is worth repeating. Once upon a time I could not resolve a design issue, and moved into new territory by choosing a pot that seemed entirely too small for the tree. Voila! The tree was suddenly in perfect balance, and began to dance— by which I mean one could feel the movement and life in a new and exciting way. This just happened again— as I considered the design of this twin tree bonsai Larix kaempheri. I have struggled to know how to address these two trees, which grew entwined from seeds and became inseparable. I knew I wanted them together, but every container choice seemed excessively heavy. Today I chose a wondrous light and flowery confection of a container, glossy and rich, by Michigan artist Teresa Wooden, among the finest bonsai potters working. It is as if the trees were waiting for their forever home till this moment, when he stars aligned. A tribute to the importance of the container to the design and styling of fine bonsai — an investment that will marry the trees and allow their grace and lightness to shine.