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Four Season Interest

Featuring flowering shrubs and small garden trees that thrive in the Pacific Northwest. These include northwest natives and specimens from the temperate regions of China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia

Bonsai Akira is a full service nursery which includes bonsai services in addition to stocking styled bonsai trees. These services include:

♦ Bonsai Care
♦ Classes
♦ One-on-one Instruction
♦ Custom Designs
♦ Special Events
♦ Bonsai Pottery
  and More…

Please contact us with your questions– We are eager to discover what we can do for you!


Bonsai Care

Pruning, styling, root pruning, and wiring as needed.


Introductory and intermediate level training.

One-on-one instruction

Custom Designs

Special Events

Plants for display at your next special event or function.

Bonsai Pottery

A selection of handmade, one-of-a-kind items.

About the Nursery

I started Bonsai Akira in my garden studio in the summer of 2015, to promote the practice of bonsai with species we grow in our Pacific Northwest gardens. From lilacs to conifers, hinoki cypress to viburnums, winterhazel to Japanese maples, the trees bring four seasons to to the garden or patio.

Summer blooms, winter branches against the sky, spring fragrance, fall colors as leaves change, all are represented in a wide varity of deciduous and evergreen trees in miniature.

My belief is that no garden should be without the charm of plants in miniature. They speak to us deeply of nature and our connection to it, in the voices of trees, mirroring the harmony of nature in a scale that is intimate. As we contemplate the trees they touch our inner self, bringing newly awakened reverence and delight. We pause to feel the peace and timelessness of the trees -a moment of awareness and harmony in the midst of the everyday. Welcome to Bonsai Akira!

[Akira= “brilliance”, “clarity”]

Latest Posts…

Another Original–“Shishigashira” Japanese Maple

Another Original–“Shishigashira” Japanese Maple

This extraordinary specimen came to me in a collection of neglected trees bought a few years back. I saw dramatic potential then, even half dead, and with burned foliage. Fortunately, Japanese Maples are resilient species, and I was able to refresh the tree's vitality...

An American Original– Buckeye Bonsai

An American Original– Buckeye Bonsai

This wonderful tree has taken ten years' development to achieve what I envisioned when I chopped it...! So it is possible to wait for the desired results.... I am not a patient person, but when a vision comes I can find a way to let the tree evolve into its perfect...

Open Studio Cancelled!

Friends, I am so sorry-- Due to a family member's severe health crisis I am cancelling all visitors to the studio and nursery this weekend. Please check back for the next Open Studio date-- to be posted under the events tab.