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Bonsai Akira has gone digital this year! We are learning the challenges— and the gifts— of having an online presence. Having used the website as an adjunct to in person sales events at art and garden shows, I have recently been “discovered” by buyers in New York and California, through the magic of google searches! So added to the challenges of keeping plant material looking vibrant and healthy in any weather at home I am learning about the vagaries of interstate shipping. We jump for joy when a client across the country rejoices in a newfound friend arriving with nary a torn leaf. We hold our breath when asked to ship between snowstorms for a precious holiday gift for a loved one.     This has led to documenting more of the trees for sale by photographs, and reviewing archives of other successes, leading to a comprehensive portfolio. So this year I am offering handmade calendars for 2021 featuring twelve 8” x 10” glossies covering the four seasons of a bonsai garden, along with a poem written to commemorate the launch of Bonsai Akira