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Kelli’s Garden— shrub removal and sod install— Eastmoreland




Total hours worked—seven
Tasks—Remove four shrubs and replace with customer’s choice of plant material.    Remove failing sod from boggy back yard area and improve drainage, prep and finish landscape substrate to support new sod and correct drainage problem in back garden area, install metal edging to limit grass migration and control pests.

Work breakdown— Remove and replace existing shrubbery— four shrubs —2 hrs.
Remove existing sod from landscaped back garden area — 3 hrs.
Prepare landscape substrate to improve drainage and promote adhesion of new sod —2 hrs.
(Includes leveling, digging trench for metal edging strip— with customer’s help).
Materials— fifty gallons of quarter-10 gravel brought in, ten CU ft topsoil— $50
Invoice Total— $330
Notes— Landscaper will return to cut and lay sod when available— please text for completion.
With Thanks, Lucy



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