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Japanese Maple— Acer japonicum “Dancing Peacocks”




Acer japonicum “Dancing Peacocks” aka Aconitifolium— the Fernleafed Maple— is known for its HUGE fan shaped foliage and incredible fall colors— So, here it is! Leaves have reduced about eighty percent in size, to become proportional to the lovely somewhat elongated branching structure of this cultivar in miniature. No short internodes here— just the dramatic and spare  interplay between space, light and form. She is one of the most graceful dancers in the garden when her flame-hued leaves flash in the breeze and sunlight of a perfect fall day. Presented in a classic round from the renowned Bruning studio in Snohomish Washington. The result is elegance and understatement as this debutante makes her debut. Twelve years old, in training since 2018.


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