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Dean and Kelly’s garden— planting etc




Billing invoice— October 1-11, 2023

Labor for transplanting Gardenias, planting front Azalea garden and groundcover, installing shrubs and groundcover along foundation in front planting areas, removing and replacing shrubs in back, etc.— Lucy— 11 hrs @ $40/hr— Total— $440

Removal of three large rhododendron stumps and digging planting holes for five Abelias— Derek— 3 hrs @ $40/hr.— Total — $120

Total for labor to complete three planting areas— front, back and south facing beds— $560
Payment within five business days is greatly appreciated.

NB— I will waive planting fee for one more gardenia, eleven pachysandra — additional plants as requested by client to complete this project. Please add $85 to previous plant total for additional material and $15 for soil and fertilizer to pay in full. $660 pending, in addition to plant total. Lucy



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