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Carol Ross Garden Project continued


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Carol Ross Garden— Clacakams OR

Weeding, pruning and planting as outlined in screenshot for this product post— October 1-26, 2022
Taking things forward from the last billing email which is to be found below—
To date — in the last four weeks I’ve worked twelve hours. So—
Labor for planting pruning and weeding— 12hrs @ $40/hr— $480
Plant purchases—
Red Columbine — ten @ $5 ea— $50 (delivered)
Salal— native groundcover for area along the back pathway—5 @ $8 ea— $40
Three tall Miscanthus grasses @$10 ea— $30 (these were taken from my garden, so a bit beaten down by being moved, but rootballs are large and healthy, will recover well.)
Two Alaskan Cedars— @ 2 for $80 (two are free because sunburned—-normally $59 each, so discounted for some sunburn on foliage) — I plan to plant as a screen for the pile of asphalt in back corner)—

So — total for plants and labor is $680 for October 2022.
I’ll put this invoice on my website and send you a link. With thanks, Lucy


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