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Ben Harkin Garden Care— May 23-July 23 2022


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Eight visits to Lucille St property for landscape maintenance including watering, pruning roses and weeding, cutting back brush and blackberry vines, spaced weekly over two months while homeowner is absent. This schedule as agreed on at prior visit for design consultation and garden maintenance in May 2022.

Eight site visits for rose pruning and garden care Billed at $25 per visit — total —$200.
Eight pots of tulips, varied colors, procured for planting in September 2022–           40.   —
Eight Hemerocallis “Red Stella D’Oro” added in front for summer blooms.               40.
Eight native Oregon grasses— Festucca “Blue” to act as weed suppression
along sidewalk on Hall St property perimeter —NB— not billed to customer at this time

Total for gardening maintenance services— May to July 2022– $280.
NB Of above amount $100 cash received from Ben Harkin this date—July 27, 2022

With Thanks, Lucy Davenport for Terra Australis Designs


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