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Bonsai Akira has a website!

Welcome to Bonsai Akira! This website represents a dream come true for me, a dream of conveying my passion and respect for the art of bonsai to the online community. I hope to incorporate photos of my work, and some timeline blogs about the preparation of the trees and shrubs I love to work with.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have the great privilege of being around cultivars from around the globe. I have made this treasure my palette to create unique and wonderful living sculptures using the trees and shrubs that thrive in our climate. They originate from China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, native species from the United States.

Look for me on Facebook, and enjoy the photos there. We’ll be regularly updating this page with new photos and information about the Nursery. Feel free to contact me with questions about this inspiring craft and hobby. There is always something new to learn together! Lucy Davenport, Owner, Bonsai Akira

Please note: All plants featured on this site are for sale–Email me for prices and delivery options.