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Our website is ready!

This website represents a dream come true for me, a dream of starting a bonsai nursery. After several years as a hobbyist, I launched Bonsai Akira in Portland, Oregon, in the summer of 2015. “Akira” means “clarity”, and, by extension, “insight.” This word describes the relationship we have with the miniature trees– they reflect our inner nature and connection with the natural world, inspiring insight and a sense of wonder. Bonsai are mirrors to the inner landscape, where we understand our place in the natural world. Being shaped by humans, they nevertheless contain the essence of their unique species and reveal on a miniature scale our connection with the universe. Welcome to Bonsai Akira!

Please note: all the trees displayed on these pages are for sale. Please inquire by email for prices and terms of purchase. Delivery is available within two hours’ drive from Portland. Shipping is available at additional cost. Thank you for your interest!