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Sometimes I get to visit with an old friend. This time it was to repot a lovely Japanese Maple—“Fireglow.” I feel especially privileged when a customer has enough faith in me to schedule a styling visit in home, for care and upkeep of a fine specimen. The tree in this case lives on a windy balcony in full east exposure at the 15th storey of a downtown highrise building.  This allows my ongoing relationship with the bonsai and a chance to monitor the health and vigor of the tree over time. It is always a learning experience— to see how the tree has responded with new growth, and where subtle changes can make all the difference in taking the tree to a new level of refinement. Finding a tree well cared for is especially gratifying. I try always to give enough information and coaching for the owner to feel confident they can keep their tree well— but this is not always possible. Hearing that one of “my” trees has died is always a wrench— did I fail to give adequate preparation for the conditions where it was placed? Often it is a mystery when a tree gives up— perhaps the damage was done long before, and only became evident with the tree’s demise….        Fortunately these experiences are rare, and reflection gives the necessary assessment and insight on how better to prepare for the trees’ future in the ensuing work. I look forward to these ongoing relationships with my clients when they are possible.