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This lovely Azalea is reminding us that Spring will come again! We are on the threshold of a severe weather event— this is how we describe snow in the Pacific Northwest, bringing as it does rainy sleet and icy conditions making travel seriously difficult. It almost never just comes prettily down, so we prepare ourselves for outages and hunker down to our homes— sound familiar, anyone? Yes— the coronavirus is just such an impetus to learn more about indoor living. Now we are in practice, how about gracing our homes with early blooms? This one weathered the winter indoors to be ready in her best dress for my display garden at the Seattle Flower and Garden Show a few years back. Notoriously early, this festival celebrates the burst of sights and aromas of the emerging season— during the bleakest months of rainy dark winter weather. I was proud to display this beauty, along with a Winterhazel, a newly leafed out Japanese Maple, and a plethora of blooming bulbs successfully timed to flower at the show…. An unrepreatable performance, so I’ll just glory in the memories a little bit… Hoping to welcome you soon to the garden to sights like these.