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When I started in Bonsai, I determined to learn about all the species in popular use, as well as the lovely flowering trees and shrubs that are my preferred stock. But pines proved beyond me— my first Pinus nigra died of wet feet after a miserable winter because the pot sat on the ground without a way for water to drain out adequately in our wet winters. This lovely Mugo was grown out by another stylist, and having lost a couple of lovingly maintained nursery trees, I decided I needed to purchase someone else’s success. She has rewarded me with devotion and vitality beyond my deserts— tolerating weather extremes we never imagined over the past five or so seasons, from torrential rains to drought to the thermal blast of triple digits that sent us all into shock in this temperate zone forested landscape. But trees are resilient, and it would seem it was her mission to survive and teach me about proper care of the species I have now come to love with a special affection. Thank you, lovely lady…!